CryoPen Cryotherapy Device

Expand your aesthetic treatments with the Cryopen.  This advanced Cryotherapy device delivers an ultra-cold jet of high-pressured N2O directly onto skin lesions.

CryoPen Cryotherapy Device

Product Information

  • Small portable, pen like device
  • Full control with on/off switch
  • Applicator tips for different lesion sizes
  • Applicator tips with various flow rates
  • Inexpensive, disposable N2O cartridges
  • Ultra-cold N2O (-89 degrees)
  • High pressure delivery (725 psi)
Cryopen M Hand Cherry M Hand Age Spots
  • Pinpoint accuracy: treats lesions from 1mm to 10mm in size
  • Safely treats lesions on face and close to the eyes
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Flexible treatment options
  • Effective: treats the lesion without affecting the healthy surrounding tissue, which means no follow up care is needed
  • Does not touch the skin
  • Low running costs
  • Fast treatments: treats 2mm lesions in 10 seconds

The Cryopen uses disposable cartridges of liquefied N2O to deliver quick, effective Cryotherapy treatments to benign skin lesions. The N2O destroys the skin's tissue by freezing the intercellular fluid which forms ice shards and crystals that rupture the cells' membranes, destroying the cells.

Because it delivers N2O directly onto the lesion and not the healthy surrounding tissue, it can safely treat lesions on the face and around the delicate eye area. With a penetration rate of 1mm per 5 seconds and the ability to penetrate to a depth of 5mm, the pen provides fast and effective treatments.

  • Skin Tags
  • Warts
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Spots
  • Liver Spots
  • Verruca’s
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