Dermapen™ promotes scarless healing and natural collagen reproduction, similar to fractional laser treatments, IPL, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels, but without the side effects and downtime


Joseph Review

Right now I use Dermapen for scars and stretch marks primarily, and I’m interested in seeing how Dermapen can be used in tattoo removal. I work primarily on the medical level rather that the aesthetic. I’m trying it out on a keloid scar on one patient for a reduced price since it’s my first time; we’ve done two treatments so far. We’re still early on but so far we’re looking good. It’s good to have a nice alternative to lasers that works for stretch marks and acne scars.

Keloids are hard to treat but you can use Dermapen with Kenalog (steroid), which you dilute and use instead of the hyaluronic acid you usually use. Kenalog is a steroid that stops the collagen growth in the keloid; you inject it to stop the growth and help minimize the scar. First treatment I just used the hyaluronic acid as we normally use with Dermapen, and we noticed a sort of deflation of the scar that did not go away. For the next treatment session we used Dermapen at 2.5 mm depth to make a zone of micro-incisions, applied the topical fluid with the Kenalog, and used Dermapen to drive it in with two or three passes. Because of the way keloid scars develop and how they are resolved, it’s hard to say if we’re ready to expect a good result at the end, but we’re going forward with once-a-week sessions.

I like everything about Dermapen. It’s a very handy, high quality device. The disposable needle cartridges are easy to change; the device isn’t heavy and doesn’t overheat easily. We may spend an hour using Dermapen so it is important that it is so comfortable to use. Some devices used in medical procedures and surgeries I assist in may overheat quickly, so Dermapen is very convenient. Right now I’m not using Dermapen in combination with other things. I plan to try using Dermapen on a tattoo of a patient when she comes in for her facial treatment.

Gordon Review

Dr. Sasaki has published over 56 peer-reviewed papers in established journals, 54 chapters in recognized textbooks, and authored two plastic surgical books and five booklets.

Paul Review

Dr. Nassif believes that Dermapen is fantastic for everything when it comes to skin rejuvenation: scars, wrinkles, skin tone, texture, large pores, or even mild pigmentation. His opinion is that Dermapen treatment is efficient, safe, and gentle but still provides results and promotes collagen remodelling. He has also seen results with Dermapen for melisma, although not in a clinical trial. Outcomes are modest so far, not dramatic, but work continues although it’s too early for definitive results. “DermaPen is the only micro-needling device we use. It’s consistent, it’s nice, I like it, and it’s sturdy. The actual product is pretty darn good”.

For treatment, Dr. Nassif will apply PRP before and after; activated PRP is applied to a treatment zone (such as the forehead or cheek). Dermapen is administered on each zone of the face. After the face is complete he applies more PRP.

He will also use Dermapen with some peels and in conjunction with a microdermabrasion exfoliating facial (hydrafacial) as well as Dermapen with PRP, then two weeks later with hydrafacial, then Dermapen again two weeks after that. Dr. Nassif’s assistant Aupey Cook administers most of the treatments (including PRP delivery). She describes using a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion device and/or a suction device that allows the infusion of different sera during treatment. This promotes hydration, nourishment and exfoliation for a great facial. She reports that Dermapen pays for itself rapidly, depending on how much one charges, making it very lucrative to use; especially as an inexpensive adjunct to therapies. She says it’s an amazing and beautiful device that hasn’t given her any problems.

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