In the beauty spotlight: Chronos Therapy - Alternative to Dermal Fillers

This month the beauty spotlight opted for one of our most popular Skin Booster treatments, Chronos Therapy. Ageing is inevitable. Whether you are 30 and just starting to notice the first signs of ageing or 50 when combating wrinkles are a constant battle, you are looking for tips to enhance your beauty. FORGET about fillers or going under the knife, Skin Booster's have revolutionised the treatment of the signs of time by providing top quality products and results without the need for surgery.

Skin ageing is a part of human nature…

Skin exhibits the first obvious marks of time passing by. Juliette Armand is committed to providing professional aesthetic tools based on the latest achievement. Chronos Therapy was created to meet the increasing needs of today's women and men for preserving the appearance of their skin. The word 'Chronos' comes from the Greek word, meaning 'time' referring to the postponement of the onset of age-related skin concerns.

“Quest for innovation is our ultimate commitment…”

How does Chronos Therapy work?

Chronos uses cutting edge 4 dimensional combat of ageing –peeling system, hydra system, anti-ageing system and antioxidant system. This therapy provides deep skin hydration and is used to treat age spots on the skin. Using a unique blend of active ingredients, Chronos Therapy stimulates the production of collagen and literally creates an active shield on the skin’s surface against three very severe enemies: the lack of water, the biological ageing and the oxidative deterioration caused by the environment.

How the Chronos Therapy session is built up?

Each of the sessions goes through a series of peeling, serums and masks lasting around 1 hour and 10 minutes. A course of 10 treatments over five weeks is recommended for best results.

STEP 1: Cleansing

The face and neck must be thoroughly cleansed with HYDRA CLEANSING MILK and HYDRA CLEANSING LOTION according to the skin type.

STEP 2: Peeling System new

PEELING GEL is applied for 5 mins. In case of sensitive skin we neutralize with lotion.

STEP 3 : Hydra System

HYDRA SERUM is applied, insisting on wrinkle, which is continued by applying HYDRA LATEX MASK Leave in for 20 mins before it can be easily removed as a latex mask.

STEP 4: Anti-ageing System

ANTI-AGEING SERUM is applied, insisting on wrinkles, followed by ANAPLASTIC MASK. Leave in for 10 mins. Massage for 5 more minutes at the tip of your fingers, which must be slightly wet, then remove with water.

STEP 5: Antioxidant System

ANTIOXIDANT OIL is applied on dry skin, and massage insisting on wrinkles until it is thoroughly absorbed. As the final step, ANTI-AGEING CREAM is applied.

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For the better results, we offer three after therapy home treatment products.

HYDRA ANTITOX SERUM - For deep moisturizing and anti-ageing treatment
WRINKLE CORRECT CREAM - For intensive wrinkle correction treatment
WRINKLE FILLER - For immediate correction treatment of wrinkles.

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