Lipo Belt


Fat Reduction & Lipo Machine Treating:
Body Sculpting
Reduction of Fat Deposits

Cellulite Reduction
Metabolic Rate Increase
Stretch Marks

Product Information

Utilising the most advanced non-evasive cold-laser technology, Lipobelt reduces localised fat deposits and promotes effective body sculpting. It is the latest in compact and efficient body aesthetic equipment with results that are fast and lasting.

Figures below are based on a number of new clients per month spending £50.00 per session, at 2 sessions a week over a course of sessions in a 4 week period.

The leasing term below shows payments without VAT, over a 4 year term with zero deposit.

*Drainage massage on Vibration Plate at £5.00 for 5 mins.

No. of courses
sold per month
per month
Additional Revenue
per Year
cost per year
Gross Profit
5 £2000.00 £440.00 £0.00 £29,280.00
10 £4000.00 £880.00 £0.00 £59,560.00
20 £8000.00 £1760.00 £0.00 £117,120.00

Lipobelt uses low-frequency lasers that target and safely eliminate body fat deposits that are difficult to remove. Each intelligent PAD emitting laser has been uniquely designed to deliver the highest levels of energy in the most uniform and effective way.

Lipobelt selectively targets fat cells, activating the metabolism which effectively eliminates triglycerides in the body. Simultaneously, the adipose cell membrane becomes permeable allowing instant emptying of the adipocytes. Lipobelt is an immediate treatment with long–lasting results.

  • Unique and innovative ‘freeze-head’ technology
  • Full colour, easy touch, multi-face LED screen for ease of use
  • Ground-breaking, interchangeable hair removal and photorejuvenation heads
  • Easily serviceable parts
  • l8 laser pads for body application
  • 2 lymph activators
  • l9 diode points of 85mw on each pad. The distance between thepoints of light is always the same ensuring optimum results
  • Enlargement module for an additional 6 pads
  • Optimum shape and size for adapting to any body size
  • Easy one-click application of pads
  • Ventilated design lengthens the life of the product
  • Improved skin quality thanks to increased blood circulation
  • Increased tissue oxygenation
  • Muscle relaxation effect
  • Lymphatic drainage due to the activation of lymphs
  • Adaptable to fit abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms
  • Easy to fit by rear tape that does not cut off ventilation
  • Presence sensor and automatic shut-down feature
  • Non-invasive
  • Immediate results
  • Painless and comfortable
  • Can be used with in conjunction with other skin treatment products
  • Profitable and hands-free system allows the beautician to attend to other clients
  • Body sculpting
  • Reduction of fat deposits
  • Liposculpture

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