Magma Lite Touch

Magma Lite Touch

The Magma Lite Touch system takes permanent hair reduction treatments to the next level in one compact device.

Product Information

The frame and sapphire cooling tips aid increases the patients comfort while reducing the risk of any burns by cooling the tip to a temperature of 4oC. The melanin meter aids the clinic practitioners in generating individual treatment programs based on each individual skin type, allowing for safe and effective treatments.

  • 808nm diode laser – providing the ultimate solution for permanent hair reduction treatments at 10 pulses per second
  • 5 treatment modes – the first device to offer all of the most come treatment modes in one system
  • Slow mode – Up to 40J/cm2
    Medium mode – Accumulative energy
    Fast mode – Up to 10J/cm2 up to 10 Hz
    100ms mode – Perfect for skin type 5
    400ms mode – Perfect for skin type 6
  • Zero downtime – quick work flow and zero waiting time between treatments
  • Melanin Meter – diagnostic tool for testing skin types

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  • Manufactured to a high specification in Israel
  • Fast and painless treatments
  • 1250W powerful diode laser – made in USA
  • Specifically designed modes for dark skin types (V/VI)
  • Frame and sapphire cooling tip to 4oC

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  • Permanent Hair Reduction

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