Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency had been a favourite of the medical industry for many years due to its results orientated performance. The 40 pre-set program protocols for face and body make the Mesobiolift very simple to use and a compact machine suitable for any clinic.

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No. of courses
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5 £2100.00 £25,200.00
10 £4200.00 £50,400.00
20 £8400.00 £100,800.00

Based on client booking a course of 6 x Ultimate Facials at £70 e/a

Radio frequency's objective is to produce a localised increase of temperature in the areas where the electrode is applied resulting in minor stress due to the high temperature. This in turn stimulates dermal fibroblast, which responds by increasing collagen. With the stimulation of new collagen the long term results will be the improvement of the skins appearance and prevent it from ageing.

Mesobiolift has gone one better by adding a new and innovative process called Endothermic energy which is a fusion between RF and a continuous current that is capable of carrying stem cell enriched product through the skin and into the heart of our own cells.

  • BIPOLAR RF Mesobiolift utilises Bipolar RF which is the safest form with both electrodes applies to the treatment area. The heat and energy concentrated in a small surface area
  • DIRECT CURRENT is the introduction of electrically charged (ions) into the body through the skin by the way of direct current
  • SUPREME CELL Plant stem cells have a molecular structure that our cells accept and recognise. Taken from the Argan fruit, a known cell generator, the MESOBIOLIFT’s dual process allows for cellular penetration, which activates the neogenesis (regeneration) of our skin cells.
  • COAXIAL APPLICATORS The Mesobiolift utilises coaxial applicators rather than linear due to the applicators making better use of the energy (more than double). It also performs a more uniform treatment
  • THREE DIFFERENT APPLICATORS Body Applicator with 1MHx, Facial Applicator with 1/3MHz, Specific area Applicator with 1/3Hz
  • Stimulates the cells in the cutaneous strata activating their self-regenerating capacity
  • Immediate activation of the blood circulation – introduction of Supreme Cell active ingredients and activation of cellular neogenesis (regeneration)
  • Contraction of collagen fibres – tensing of collagen fibres in the subcutaneous tissue and formation of new elastin fibres
  • Heat production enhances lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-ageing treatments
  • Skin firming
  • Improved tone and hydration
  • Smoothed expression lines
  • Redefinition of the oval of the face
  • Neckline and neck treatment

“Since having the Mesobiolift machine in clinic clients has been raving about the results. Tighter skin and reduced visible stretch marks. They love the treatment, its quick, painless and relaxing with guaranteed results. It’s brought a new type of client to my business which is continuing to grow.”

Sarah Dick, Inside Belzise Health, London

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