Mesotherapy Gun

Mesotherapy Gun

A new take on mesotherapy, the Dermatic® delivers unrivalled results, compared to older mesotherapy procedures. The Dermatic®’s pioneering technology uses compressed air to provide a high injectable speed. This ensures a painless treatment for the patient and a very high precision rate for the practitioner.

Product Information

The Dermatic® aids practitioners in delivering consistent, effective results by enabling the user to set various parameters such as; speed of burst, injection depth and quantity of liquid to inject, ensuring treatments are tailored to clients’ needs and no product is wasted.

The use of very thin needles, coupled with compressed air delivers a high speed injection, allowing for deeper penetration into the epidermis. This technology produces a virtually painless treatment, ensuring the patient’s comfort.

A lag clamping system allows the gun to provide a predefined quantity of liquid only when the needle is inside the skin. The catheter, placed between the syringe and the needle, remains clamped when the needle is outside of the skin, ensuring no product is lost during treatment.

  • An adapter allows the use of all types of syringes: 1ml – 2ml – 10ml
  • Possibility of custom-made adapters
  • Can be used in manual or in automatic mode
  • Sterilised guides and needles
  • Regulation of the injected quantity, which means no loss of product
  • Ergonomic design aids handling during procedure, suitable for both right and left handed practitioners
Dermatic Gun close-up Dermatic Gun close-up
  • Increased patient comfort, with minimal pain, even in sensitive areas
  • Reproducible results for each client
  • Easy regulation of the parameters
  • Portable device to carry between appointments
  • Affordable consumables

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