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"Having used IPL for 10 years, I am delighted to be switching to the Magma platform. Treatments that used to require 8-12 sessions now only require anything from 3-8 sessions to see the same results. My PSO clients have been amazed at the results that they have seen."

Donna Lee Alford, 1192 Laser Clinic, Swansea

"I would be more than happy to recommend Natura Studios and their excellent products and training. Having been in the cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic business for over 20 years I only use products that give definite visible results that last so that clients not only leave happy but of course return and refer other clients. Natura Studios products provide the results my clients are looking for. They have an extremely professional and efficient team who provide you with all the support required with in house training. The Forma Multi Care System and the Dermapen have been a revelation."

Dr Tushar Enaker, Fey Sanctuary, Middlesex

"Since having the Mesobiolift machine in clinic clients has been raving about the results. Tighter skin and reduced visible stretch marks. They love the treatment, its quick, painless and relaxing with guaranteed results. It’s brought a new type of client to my business which is continuing to grow."

Sarah Dick, Inside Belsize Health, London

"As an experienced Aesthetic Doctor, I have no hesitation in recommending the Dermapen™ as one of the top nonsurgical procedures for skin tightening and lifting and for the treatment of scars. I have found the Dermapen™ to be more effective than other procedures involving lasers and peels for facial rejuvenation and with less side effects and downtime. The Dermapen™ is ideal either as a stand-alone procedure, or in combination with other nonsurgical procedures such as Botox and Dermal Fillers."

Dr Steven Harris MB BCH MSC MBCAM, Harley Street, London

"I recently started to use the Dermapen™ Medical by Naturastudios and I have to say that I have noticed a massive difference in the way this device is working, it is much smoother on the skin so it does not glitch which is a common problem with cheaper versions, and it’s a steady device with immense power. I am now using Dermapen™ as a series of treatment on its own with great results and happier customers."

Dr Sherif Wakil, Dr SW Clinics, Harley Street, London

"The Dermapen Cryo™ has been a great success with both my therapists and client base a like. My business has grown and word of mouth if bringing additional clients daily. Our aim is offering Anti-ageing treatments and the Dermapen Cryo™ is now a vital part of our treatments for pigmentation."

Jackie Renfrey, The Abbey, Nottingham

"I didn’t know where to start when I decided to upgrade my salon but the Naturastudios team were full of ideas and options... since then my salon is busier and more profitable than ever."

Adele Rose, Blush Beauty, Twickenham

"I have had so much positive feedback from customers since I started using Naturastudios, I've never looked back."

Reno Palito, Stilo Nuovo, Cambridge

"The Forma Multi Care System has brought my salon into the 21st Century. My clients love the results it produces."

Leisa Roberts, The Fabulous You Company, Cheshire

"I made thousands in treatments sold on my first day of business with the Forma Multi Care System."

Nicola Sharpe, Enhance Beauty, Penicuik

"The Forma Light is a phenomenal machine; it attracts new customers to the salon every week without fail, and has ensured we can continue to grow successfully."

Julia, The Life Spa, Ealing, London

"The Oxy Life Nova VX has opened our clinic to a new revenue stream. It’s those customers that are looking for a real clinical facial that produces real visible results. It has been a fantastic investment."

Jim Matthews, Ego Hair Body and Skin, London

"The Oxy Life Nova allows us to treat more children with cicatricial skin lesions. Rehabilitation procedures are more successful, providing significant results in correction of deforming scars."

Alexander Byson, Centre for Microvascular Surgery, Moscow

"I can only describe Naturastudios Diamond Peel as being Diamond Class! I am looking forward to investing in other machines that Naturastudios offer!"

Laura, Pure Spa, Aberdeen

"The Lipobelt system continues to amaze me. It is really popular with my clients and has helped me to transform my salon."

Karen Auld, Yuu Beauty, Edinburgh

"After purchasing the Forma Multi Care in July 2011, the results are incredible and the treatments are one of the most profitable in the salon."

Lauren McCanny, Woman Kind, Edinburgh

"We had been looking for an IPL machine for a while and had a few different companies in to show me what they had, finally deciding to go with the Forma Light from Naturastudios because they are a pleasure to do business with & they know what they are talking about!

The Forma Light is set up really well making it very user friendly, this IPL machine will bring us forward in the beauty industry.

We also got the Dermapen & we have been getting great feed back from clients who are delighted with their results."

Judith & Carol, Judith's Beauty Spot & Skin Clinic, Wigan

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